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Super-heated Steam Waste Treat Machine "GS" Series

"GS" series is a waste treatment system that uses superheated steam to process waste. Since the waste is pyrolyzed without burning it, no CO2 or dioxin is generated when the waste is processed. It also has the feature of recovering recycled oil from plastic waste. Another major feature of this system is that waste can be disposed of in a mixed state without separation. Two types are available: continuous type and batch type.


to treat lots waste

-MODEL- 200/50/15 ㎥ per day

The continuous type has connected furnaces, which operates 24 hours a day
and automatically processes waste.

Each furnace has a different temperature range and
can recover recycled oil of different properties for each temperature range.

It is suitable for businesses and municipalities
with a large volume of waste.


to fit demanded

5㎥ / 1㎥ per batch

In the batch type, waste is fed into the furnace and pyrolyzed.
The principle is the same as the continuous type, and the process takes 6 to 8 hours.

Unlike the continuous type, the furnace needs to be cooled and is
therefore more effective when handling relatively small quantities of waste.

The system can be installed in a small space.

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