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Kazuta Sekiyama


After graduating from Akashi National College of Technology,  the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering to learn electrical engineering and programming,

I joined Panasonic Corporation, where I was engaged in the development of  In-Flight Entertainment systems. 

I had to be in charge of all the manufacturing site, design, and indirect departments. I worked in U.S. and Israel, and was the youngest person to be in charge of launching a new product.


Then, I wanted to see the world with my own eyes, so I left Panasonic and embarked on a bicycle trip through Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the United States. At that time, I saw many piles of waste and various other things, and I strongly felt that I wanted my next work to be good for the environment and useful to the world. After returning to Japan, I came across the superheated steam technology.

I feel that my strength is “rationality”. I think this is very important for technical development, improvement, and business development. I also feel that waste treatment technology using superheated steam has tremendous potential.
We would like to introduce it to the world one by one and lead it to a solution to the world’s waste problems.

Manoj Mathani

Foreign Relation Director

Schooling done in Yokohama Japan at St. Joseph International School (one of the pioneers International schools in Japan) After graduating high school I was admitted to Sophia University in Tokyo.  Transferred to University of Southern California for 1.5 years and returned back to Sophia University to graduate in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in business management. At a time when Japan’s economy was booming, I had the opportunity to join almost any listed company as was the case with most of my colleagues. However, from the start I had been entrepreneurial minded and opted to start up a trading company on my own. The yen had appreciated from 360 yen to 180 yen a dollar at the time and Japan was moving into an era where imports would see exponential growth. Looking into the opportunity I tapped my contacts in Sri Lanka and India who were running garment factories. This has been the start of my career. Eventually our company evolved into a full-fledged apparel brand having retail stores in all major cities of Japan as well as wholesale and online stores. Over the years we have downsized looking into the markets after the rise of fast fashion retailers which eroded price barriers and profitability. We are now primarily involved in the manufacturing of ladies’ contemporary wear for major brands in Japan. Within the past 30 years we have also been a member of the Indian Chamber of Commerce Japan where my father had acted as president for a number of terms. Through the works of the ICCJ I was able to realize that my inherent strengths of being international gave me an edge in promoting cross border / cross cultural projects and businesses.  Since 3 years ago, I have also been acting as a advisor / director for Japan India Industry Promotion Association consulting Indian and Japanese firms to enter

into each others markets and providing valuable seminars when needed. Building a business from zero to one is one of the most challenging steps in business which for me is one of the most envigorating and motivating. I hope to utilize my skills as an international businessman and negotiator to put forth our valuable product and business opportunities to bring about sustainable solutions to waste management and recycling which is one of the biggest challenges we face in the coming decades. 

Head Office (Japan)


Compass Kokura in Kita Kyusyu city

3-8-1 Asia-pacific Import Mart 6F,  Asano, Kitakyushu Kokurakita-ku, 

Fukuoka, JAPAN. Zip:802-0001 

Demonstration Center (Thailand)


in GPSC RDF Power Plant

Google Address : P6WR+XP ตำบลทับมา อำเภอเมืองระยอง ระยอง


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