Waste treatment equipment

Our Technology

Our technology features

・No sorting required, Batch input processing.


Our machine does not require to sort waste for processing and able to vaporize and carbonize the waste by superheated steam. Furthermore, metals can be extracted in a non-oxidizing state.


・Able to handle mixed PVC and mixed resin

It is difficult to pelletize multicomponent materials such as crimped film and polyvinyl chloride resins. This facility is also able to extract high-quality recycled oil from PVC waste as well.

Able to operate with recovered oil

This facility uses gasified extracted oil as fuel for the boiler and superheater. 


Pollution-free emission function

The exhaust gas purification system performs high-level cleaning of the exhaust

gas from steam boiler, superheaters, and temperature control heaters of decomposition

furnaces. A portion of the purified water purified by the system will be recycled and used by the steam boiler.


No Use of Fire to Ensure Safety. (No explosion )

Our machine doesn’t use fire to treat waste, and the pressures inside furnace is same level as atmosphere. There’s no risk for conflagration and explosion.
No Dioxins CO2 , Other Hazardous Substances. 
Furnace doesn’t have oxygen inside the furnace during the treatment. It means No CO2 emission, No dioxin and other hazardous materials.


Our Models

We have several models:

Continuous model and Batch model


Continuous model : Furnaces connected and the cage that has waste goes through the furnace continuously. Every furnace has different temperature and our machine can collect recovered oil at each furnace.

Model : GSC-200, GSC-100,GSC-40, GSC-15


Batch model : Usually, 1 system has 1 furnace in this model. These models are smaller than Continuous model. so, if the waste volume is not so much, batch model is suitable.

Model : GSB-5, GSB-1, GST-1



Our technology has a scalable features. For example, we can expand the furnace for continuous model and we can prepare an additional furnace for Batch model. It means 1 system control whole waste treatment system and expand the capacity later if it’s needed.  

Fuel Recovery Mechanism

Fuel Recovery Mechanism is s follows:


1. Inject high-temperature oxygen-free steam(further superheated) at 600 ° C into the cracking furnace.


2. Distillate and vaporize oil component by high-temperature H₂O gas.


3. The vaporized gas is treated with chlorine catalyst and liquefied by a cooling condenser.


4. Segregate gas-oil and heavy-oil by the temperature difference of vaporized gas through a solenoid valve.


5. Water is separated in an oil/water separation tank, remove impurities in a filtration tank, and recover oil.

Our machine doesn’t need lots of operators for the operation because our machine runs automatically once the operator starts.

Operator needs to input the waste and confirm the output only. 2 or 3 people for 1 machine is enough to operate.

For daily operation, Cleaning the catalysis component is very important. It’s very easy to replace the catalysis because the catalysis component is cartridge. and, catalysis can be washed and re-used again. It takes only few minutes.

For annual maintenance, it will take 1 or 2 days per 3 months. We’ll check every component status and clean up whole system.

Our machine needs water and electricity or diesel for the operation. 

In case of water quality is bad, we need to install the water treatment equipment to input the water into our machine. It needs chemical material and salt. If the quality of water is good, the water treatment equipment is NOT necessary.

For batch type, Sealing is sometimes needed to be replaced. 

Catalysis can be washed and reusable. so, if it’s not broken, no need to purchase additional.

It’ll depend on the machine. We’ll manufacture the machine once we receive the order. Batch type is shorter than Continuous Type. 

1 ton will be in 3 months, 5 ton will be 6 months. Continuous type will be in 1 year.

We assemble the machine in our factory first and check the operation. After that, disassemble and start to transport.

Our Patents

We posses over 19 patents for this technology and keep know-how to operate. 

Every technologies, know-how and experience is very important. We’re ready to share our skills with our partners. 

Our Catalogue

If you’re interested in our technolocy, we can provide our catalogue to you. Please get cotntact with us!

Achievements And Track Records

Cooperated Organization

Alliance to End Plastic Waste

Grant a financial support

as a core technology supported


Granted AVPN's APAC Sustainability Seed Fund for Zero Plastic Island Project

with IGES Thailand and Japan

Kitakyushu City (Japanese local government)

Granted Subsidy in Kitakyushu City for sustainable environmental Business in Cambodia

for Siem Leap province

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Kotler Impact World Marketing Summit

"ESG Marketing Opportunity with Real Environmental Impact"

“Simultaneously watch the world’s largest online marketing summit with 200+ speakers from marketing and management experts from around the world and 100 million viewers from 100+ countries around the world. 16 market leaders representing Japan will proudly participate as speakers!” we’re one of the speakers and explain about how our technology can contribute the waste issue all over the world.  


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